Lea Luedemann


Lea Lüdemann is a food and lifestyle photographer and content creator from Germany, currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Renowned for her ability to capture the essence of food and the individuals behind it, she consistently endeavors to unearth the narratives that underpin each product, brand, or culinary creation she encounters. Lea possesses a fervent passion for storytelling and is actively engaged in every stage of idea conception, from its inception to the final execution.

Poto: Saeedeh Sharifi

Drawing from her extensive tenure as Head of Content Studio within an advertising agency, Lea boasts a wealth of experience in project management, financial planning, ideation, and the seamless execution of creative projects.

Visit Lea’s blog here, or click here to explore her cookbook „Happily Healthy“ (ZS Verlag, 2017).

Lea welcomes opportunities within the realms of food, hospitality, travel, lifestyle, and interior photography, in addition to content creation and the curation of user-generated content (UGC). To explore her portfolio of photography work click here, or click here for a glimpse into an UGC example.